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News - January 2018

News - January 2018

CFDI 3.3 electronic invoicing for Mexico.

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We adapted the electronic invoicing CFDI 3.3  into Osmos Cloud with one objective in mind, making the invoicing process as automated and straightforward as possible to help Mexican businesses save time. Osmos supports invoices and payment supplements in a simple and automated way.



We added new permissions in user roles

Now you can assign permission to other users if you want them to create quote templates, email templates, and upload product catalogs.

Acronym customization for other countries

Businesses in other countries such as Chile, Peru, Colombia, USA, and Mexico among others may change and customize the description (Acronyms) of sales taxes (GST in Canada), and the business number (BN in Canada) to their countries own acronyms.

Coming soon

In February, we will be launching the new quote template interface where you will be able to design and customize your quote and invoice templates in further detail.


EY 20 Startups program

EY 20 Startups program