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News - October 2018

News - October 2018

The process of creating and sending quotes; easier and automated

In Osmos we have a single goal, to make the process of creation, sending and following up of quotes as easy and automated as possible so you can save time and use it however you want ;)

In each chat, conversation and interaction that we have with you, we listen and identify features that could be useful for you.

Features released in October

  • You can display your password when you log in to make sure it is written correctly.

  • Customize your quotation template even more. Deciding if you hide the customer's billing address, shipping address and/or contact information. You can also hide your business phone, website and email in the header.

  • Now every time you write a comment on a product or service that you are quoting, it will be saved in a database, so when you send another quote with the same product or service you will not have to rewrite the same comment. Youcan select the ones you have already saved in the list or add a new one.

  • You can tell the cost and percentage of profit on each quote. This option can be assigned individually to users.

  • The notifications of interactive buttons appear with the same description assigned to the button.

  • Log that shows the date and user that sent the quote. This way you can identify if they were sent, when and by whom.

  • Add and remove buttons on the home screen giving you access to the functions that are used the most according to your plan.

  • Your business logo now appears within the main interface at no cost.

  • We added a list of states, provinces and / or headquarters for our clients in Colombia, Chile, Panama, Costa Rica and Peru.

Tentative features for 2019 (for our customers)

  • You will be able to update your catalog of products and services in bulk. This means that you can download your catalog, modify it in Excel and upload it back to Osmos to update prices, costs, descriptions, etc.

  • You will be able to delete your list of customers, prospects and product to start from scratch.

  • The new accounts will be automatically fully customized based on the country and business, saving you much more time.

  • Additional information of customer addresses such as notes and address identifier will be added and displayed in the quotes.

  • Connections with Slack, Dropbox, Quickbooks, Xero, Email, Mailchimp, Google Maps and Zapier. 

Share with us other ideas for improvements that can benefit not only you, but the Osmos Cloud community.